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Asset Management Software

Entry Level Solution

This entry-level cloud-hosted solution is designed for smaller sized companies and is perfect for tracking and managing your assets in a simple and easy-to-use software solution. This solution is available for both barcode and RFID labelled assets.

Enterprise Level Solution

Our enterprise and specialised solution offers multiple modules that work great for larger or more specialised companies. This solution provides tracking and managing of assets, while also including additional features that improve the visibility, utilisation, maintenance and financial management of your assets. This solution is available for both barcode and RFID labelled assets.

Entry Level Solution

Our web and mobile application, Taggit Assets, has been specifically designed to simplify the asset management function within your organisation. Available on most Android devices, our affordable and easy-to-use software makes this software a great entry-level solution whilst also allowing for asset take-on, asset transfers and asset auditing operations.

Enterprise Solution

Deliver measurable value and major cost savings to your organisation with Hardcat’s proven asset management solution. Hardcat believes in unlocking knowledge and turning it into significant value, that’s why we provide a comprehensive and structured approach to the long-term management of assets.

This solution works with you in terms of your strategic objectives and provides effective solutions for each step in your asset journey from valuation, purchase and operation to the sale of assets.


Please refer to our brochures below to learn more about the solutions we offer. Additional brochures can be viewed on the Applications page.

Taggit Assets

Taggit Assets

Hardcat Lite

Hardcat Lite

Hardcat Enterprise

Hardcat Enterprise

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